Cinematic Portraits

In a Cinematic Portrait you can present yourself in the 2021 way… and it’s forever!

If you are interested in this new form of presentation please send an email to and request more information.. please let me know a bit about your ideas and purpose of the project!   ..don’t let this opportunity slip you by…

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Prices excl. 21% BTW
WhatsApp Michael 0616199311

Cinematic Portrait

What can a cinematic portrait be?

It is a beautiful presentation of you or your business. It’s a time capsule document of this moment in time. It can be easily used for marketing on all social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. But most of all it’s a nice document of you for in the history books.

How it works

First we will have a meeting by phone for me to get a feel of what could be the best for you. After sharing our ideas back and forth we’ll come to a decision and plan a date for the shoot.

On the day of the film shoot you can decide to have a make-up artist available, and if you need help with your styling, a stylist can come to your house before the shoot to give advice from your own  collection.

For a basic shoot we’ll try to find a location where we can shoot for free. If there is a specific location, we need to ask permission to shoot there, or pay a reasonable price for the use of that location.

Before the day of the shoot, we have the day planed out in a storyboard, so we have a rough idea of what we need to do and where.

On the day of the shoot we try to work as relaxed as possible while creating spontaneous moments to capture.  everyday moments, desirable easily recognizable for everyone, or other specific cinematic captures.

The client can come to the studio to create a voiceover as a layer under the film clip. To accompanying the vocals we need a suitable music track to give it some mood. With these 3 layers the film clip is now complete. It is also possible to film a interview and extract the audio as the vocal layer. And it is possible to create original music for the clip.

Post Production

The editing part begins with the selection of all the film material, then the editing begins and slowly layer all the film shots, ontop of the vocal and music layers. All the clips need to be color balanced to one another, with a final color grading on top of everything. In the advanced editing we can add transitions and effects to enhance the experience. After that the clip can be rendered to compress all the layers and make it suitable for use, the film clip is now ready! If the client want to change something this is possible, and gets a few revisions.

The final Film clip will be send via wetransfer and posted on youtube.

WhatsApp Michael 0616199311

Below a breakdown of all the individual services provided..

Section  Editorial Usage  Commercial Usage Explanation
Kennismaking  €                        –  €                          – eerste gesprek via telefoon
Project bespreking  €                        –  €                          – ideen utwisselen en beslissingen maken
Voorbereiding Storyboard  €               145,00  €                 195,00 praktische voorbereiding en organisatie
Hair & Make-up  €               145,00  €                 195,00 indicatie verschillend per mua
Styling advice  €                 95,00  €                 135,00 indicatie verschillend per stylist
assistant  €               125,00  €                 175,00 indicatie verschillend per assistent
Film Opnames halve dag  €               375,00  €                 500,00 opnames plus apparatuur en opslag
Film Opnames 1 dag  €               650,00  €                 875,00 opnames plus apparatuur en opslag
Film Opnames 2 dagen  €           1.100,00  €             1.485,00 opnames plus apparatuur en opslag
Timelaps Clip  €                 50,00  €                   75,00 setup timelaps clip
Hyperlaps Clip  €                 65,00  €                   95,00 setup hyperlaps clip
Drone Shot  €               125,00  €                 175,00 maken van drone shots, kan niet altijd
Post Production 1 dag  €               250,00  €                 335,00 selecteren, editen en color grading
Basic Level 1 dag  €               250,00  €                 335,00 selecteren, editen en color grading
Advanced Level 2 dagen  €               450,00  €                 600,00 select, edit, overgangen en color grading
Expert Level 3 dagen  €               600,00  €                 800,00 select, edit, overg, effecten en color grad.
Expert Level 4 dagen  €               750,00  €                 950,00 select, edit, overg, effecten en color grad.
Voiceover Session  €               125,00  €                 175,00 voice recording session in de studio
Interview Session  €               350,00  €                 475,00 film & audio session op locatie
Photo’s From Clip  €               145,00  €                 195,00 foto’s halen uit de film clip
1 Revision  €                 65,00  €                   85,00 verandering aanbrengen in film clip
Music Creation  €               500,00  €                 675,00 op maat gemaakt, orgineele muziek
Stock Music  €               175,00  €                 236,00 keuze stock muziek online
Free Music  €                        –  €                          – keuze free stock muziek online
Apparatuur  €               125,00  €                 175,00 apparatuur gebruik per dag
Opslag Data  €                 35,00  €                   65,00 HD ruimte opslag voor alle data
Vervoerskosten Kosten van vervoer naar lokatie
Lokatie gebruik Kosten van huur lokatie
Catering /Lunch Eten en drinken tijdens de opnames
Editorial Usage nul%
Commercial Usage plus 35%
Prices excl. 21% BTW

Currently my prices are a little below average, so take a advantage to invest in this high quality ‘Cinematic Portrait of yourself’ or your bizz, and show the world what you are made of in a cinematic 2021 way…

WhatsApp Michael 0616199311